Running a top-notch agency isn’t easy. You’re constantly bracing the clock to do great work for your clients, all while trying to keep your team on schedule and under budget. But what if there was a platform that could simplify these processes for you and forecast profitability at the same time - so all you’d need to do is focus on the client work you love doing? 



First important step you would need to look for is where the real problem lies.


  • Ascertain the issues that are causing losses.

  • Brainstorm with shopfloor employees, front line sales team , middle management team to really understand the issues plaguing your company. They will often have the solutions to many serious problems as they are the face of your company and the ones who interact with customers directly.

  • Conduct reviews with product and production managers. Low morale levels are indicators of low productivity.

  • Check with your sales team of the hurdles they face on field or within the organisation on challenges that they face.

Hire a professional consultant who could assist you with an appropriate solution after thorough study of your issues at your organization.