Why startups fail !

Most of the failed startups lack a sustainable business model. Some startups have no clear vision.

Business Model

Undue Expenses

Marketing  etc...

There are multiple reasons that can ruin the startups but the most important our research team found is a Lack of Correct Decision at the correct time. Many startups initiated at a young age and due to lack of experience they take the random decision and that makes them suffer for lifetime. 

Why it's happening?

Startup initiates with a very small fund in order to hire an experienced individual it takes funds. Initial days of startups most of the fund used for product development so technically startups cant hire and ended up in random decision.

Is it possible to get expert advice at minimum cost ?

Let's study the two different situation

Hire an experienced individual

One person minimum salary = Rs 25000/ Month



Annual Expenses = Rs 3,00,000

Extremely expensive for initial business

High operating expenses lead to loss of startups




Get ideaexpo enterprises Virtual incubation

Basic Annual Membership = Rs 30,000

Cost-effective and efficient, Analysis is done by experienced panel